Women Empowerment

How Has Women's Role Changed Over the Past Few Decades?

Aug 17 2022  Author: thinkgenics

Since women joined the economic structure to compensate for the male earning power lost during the two world wars, the proportion of women in the workplace has increased dramatically during the previous 60 years. Additionally,...

Block printed sarees

Hand Block Printed Sarees: Traditional and Modern Elements

Aug 16 2022  Author: kakalibiswas

When it comes to hand-block printing ideas, there is no limit to the numbers. Thankfully, the artistic visions of the rural people who practice this art, produce innovative and exciting concepts regularly. Are you wondering...


Top 7 Tips for Shopping Sportswear Online

Aug 12 2022  Author: Steve.martin

Unlike in physical places, when you shop online, you cannot touch or try the thing before you buy it. The ease and quick delivery that comes with buying shopping sportswear online come at the expense...

Marriage counselling can save your married life.

Marriage Counselling can Save your Married Life

Aug 10 2022  Author: Dr. R.K Suri

There is a decrease in divorce rates due to high-quality Online Marriage Counselling services that are now available. A growing number of people seek the assistance of an expert prior to things falling apart. In the event...

best social media app for business

What is the Essential Factor for a New Online Business to Succeed?

Aug 08 2022  Author: sheral

Many factors contribute to the success of a new online business, but traffic is undoubtedly the most essential. Without a steady stream of visitors, it will be very difficult to make sales and generate revenue....


Make your own style with casual Kaftans

Aug 08 2022  Author: heracloset

One variation of the robe or tunic is known as the Kaftan Dress or caftan. Although it has its roots in Asia, people from a wide variety of civilizations all over the world have been...

Italian Linen Dresses

Dress Like An Italian Woman This Summer

Aug 04 2022  Author: belleloveclothing

Italian women are best known for their fashion statements. It won’t be wrong to recognise them as global fashion icons. They keep their style simple and minimal. Women from other countries look up to Italian...

Why Money and Happiness Don't Go Together

Why Money and Happiness Don't Go Together

Aug 03 2022  Author: ahsanarzoo93

Why Don't Money and Happiness Go Together? We all want to be happy. We see it as the ultimate goal in life, and we tend to think that money is the key. But despite what...

Superman Jackets

What You Should Know About The Superman Jacket For Men

Aug 03 2022  Author: PeterPaul

Our favourite childhood memory is of watching cartoons and superheroes, which we all adored and aspired to be like one day. The most popular and well-liked superhero, as well as a pioneer of superhero films,...

sports watch for kids

Why Should Kids Be Encouraged To Wear A Watch To School?

Aug 02 2022  Author: giveandtakeuk

Time has a major role to play in our life. It makes us punctual, up to date and disciplined. We wouldn’t have understood the value of time, if we had no watch. The value of...

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