mental health

Ending a toxic relationship and finding mental piece

Sep 20 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Relationships whether it is between a friend, family, or with your partner, can tend to be very frustrating and exhausting. At times they can badly affect your mental health and peace to such an extent...

snatched face with makeup

3 techniques for Facelifting by using a bit of Makeup

Sep 13 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Facelifting is very in nowadays and you might have seen influencers raving about it all over Instagram and Facebook. The truth is, some of us have been following these facelifting techniques for years but had...

netflix season

5 Netflix seasons that are a ‘must watch’

Sep 10 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Are you a Netflix lover who landed on my page in search of which season to watch next? Then my pal you have come to the right place. Make sure you read till the end...

acne marks treatment

My 3 ‘Holy Grail’ products for clearing up acne and acne marks that come with it!

Sep 03 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

You all probably know by now what is acne and acne marks so, I will not ramble on it for ages but will definitely give you some brief information. It is definitely not to bore...

Fad Ideas For Summer This Year

May 17 2018  Author: admin

“What to wear?” Its 40 degrees during day and 15 degrees at night, with the abrupt changes in temperature this is the first thing that strikes your mind. And you are struck racking your brain...

Six Natural Ways to Grow Your Hair Faster Than Ever!

Mar 22 2018  Author: admin

Growing hair rapidly is an annoying experience, especially when it seems to be taking forever. For a blessed few, desirably long hair just happens and for the rest of us, it takes patience, struggle and...

Acne Scars? Vitamin E Oil Is Your Saviour For Today

Mar 12 2018  Author: admin

Acne scars? I know how bad they can get if ignored. I was in the same boat as you. And believe me mine were much worse than yours. Are you curious if you can use...

Damaged Skin? Try Latest Oil Cleansing Method for a Fresh and Glowing Skin

Feb 27 2018  Author: admin

Cleansing? With oil? Do you find it strange too? I also found it a crazy idea at first. As I already have an oily skin, I thought it would be a simple NO. But being...

What Your Natural Hair Colour Says About Your Personality

Nov 16 2017  Author: admin

Why do I feel like it’s hair week? I see the latest fashion magazines; go through latest fashion vogues over the internet; and the datelines encircle hairstyles, haircuts, hair colours, etc. So, I decided to...

The Latest Hairstyle Trends This Winter

Nov 16 2017  Author: admin

‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’—absolutely agree with it. New haircut gives you a diverse look, there is a significant relation between hairstyle and psychology. It can change your...

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