monthly horoscope

What does your horoscope say about you this month?

Oct 26 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Astrological signs are very controversial as some cultures and religions believe in them and some do not. The reason why many religions don’t believe in astrological signs is that they think in this the future...

meal preps

How to Meal Prep for the whole week beforehand!

Oct 18 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Prepping your meals for the whole week on the weekend has proven to be beneficial. Cooking meals is considered the job of women-only and when they are working women then it could really difficult. You...

food supplements for women

5 supplements that every woman needs to start taking after the age of 25

Oct 12 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Let’s just admit that women do not always tend to take the best diet. We are always so busy with work, family, or even studying that we forget to have three proper meals in a...

Fall Season

4 ways to prepare your mind and body for the fall season

Oct 01 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

We are nearly entering the fall season, and I personally love this season amongst all the other seasons. Mainly because it gives me all sorts of warm, cozy, and aesthetic vibes. And I know I...

Double Cleansing Method

Double Cleansing Method- A must-add into your skincare routine!

Sep 27 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

A common mistake which we women make nowadays is that we consider the double cleansing method is only for oily-skin people, but this is certainly not the case. Anyone with sensitive, dry, and oily skin...

mood swings during periods

Lesson 101: How to control mood swings during periods!

Sep 24 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Periods on their own are a huge problem but with added mood swings they can be super annoying. Are you one of those girls who face mood swings during the periods and find them super...

mental health

Ending a toxic relationship and finding mental peace

Sep 20 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Relationships whether it is between a friend, family, or with your partner, can tend to be very frustrating and exhausting. At times they can badly affect your mental health and peace to such an extent...

snatched face with makeup

3 techniques for Facelifting by using a bit of Makeup

Sep 13 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Facelifting is very in nowadays and you might have seen influencers raving about it all over Instagram and Facebook. The truth is, some of us have been following these facelifting techniques for years but had...

netflix season

5 Netflix seasons that are a ‘must watch’

Sep 10 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

Are you a Netflix lover who landed on my page in search of which season to watch next? Then my pal you have come to the right place. Make sure you read till the end...

acne marks treatment

My 3 ‘Holy Grail’ products for clearing up acne and acne marks that come with it!

Sep 03 2021  Author: Ureeda Ahmed

You all probably know by now what is acne and acne marks so, I will not ramble on it for ages but will definitely give you some brief information. It is definitely not to bore...

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